UWEC Initiatives

COMMUNITY OUTREACH CONSERVATION EDUCATION PROGRAMS Creating trust through feedback: the former poachers and other community members watching a bush meat documentary which was developed from their community. UWA & UWEC Officers meeting the ex poachers at Karuma Wildlife Conservation Area

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Poachers in Uganda


POACHING AND BUSH MEAT TRADE This elderly woman in the picture to the right was caught by Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) rangers trading in bush meat at Karuma Wildlife Conservation Area, which is part of Murchison Falls National Park- March this year, 2011.                …

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The Bush Meat Crises Africa team would like to acknowledge the work previously done by PAAZAB members Lara Mostert, Dave Morgan and Andrew Seguya. A great deal of the basic information used within the present site originated from their hard work – Thank You.

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The Team

“Creating a Legacy” David Musingo – Education Officer, Uganda Wildlife Education Centre (UWEC) John Werth – Quality Assurance & Training Coordinator, PAAZAB & Regent, AKAA

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Why is there Bushmeat crisis today?

Long time ago, people used to hunt wild animals like Antelopes, Zebras, and Hippopotamus to feed their families on sustainable basis. They had specific hunting seasons that put into consideration the animals breeding seasons.This ensured that the numbers of game /animals were not affected. However, this is not the case…

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What is Bushmeat?

bush meat

Bush Meat is undoubtedly the single most significant blow to wildlife populations. “Bush Meat” is the word assigned to the unsustainable over utilization of the wildlife resources in Africa and other parts of the World where forests are being logged and simultaneously denuded of its wildlife inhabitants. In the face…

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